NoseWings – 2 x Sets COUPLE BUY

NoseWings – 2 x Sets COUPLE BUY


NoseWings is the worlds first patented magnetic nasal dilator created to help you Breathe Better, Sleep Better and Live Better.



NoseWings is a non-intrusive solution for restless nights caused by snoring. 

NoseWings is a world first, patented, magnetic nasal dilator created by Dr Robert Andre, an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist). 

Unlike other nasal expanders, NoseWings has been designed to use the repellent force of magnets to anatomically model the device within the nostrils to mimic the size, shape and orientation of the nasal alar cartilages.  

Using a NoseWings device promotes nose-breathing, thus reducing the intensity of snoring and encouraging deeper restful sleep.


NoseWings are:

1. Effective

The repelling magnetic force between the left and right NoseWings widens the nasal passages, reducing the resistance on the nasal airflow thereby facilitating nasal breathing. The feedback from patients, both anecdotal and through questionnaires, showed that the NoseWings are:
Effective in improving the quality of sleep
Frequently diminished the intensity or
Completely solved the problem of snoring.

They also reported improving nasal breathing during sporting activities and yoga.

2. Comfortable and individually adjustable

NoseWings were designed and clinically tested to comfortably fit most people. They are preformed to fit most noses without any adjustment, but if necessary, they can easily be widened or narrowed. The relative length of the legs can also be changed for maximum effectiveness and comfort.

3. Non-skin-irritating
Nosewings are made out of smooth medical-grade non-skin irritating polymer.

4. Reusable
Nosewings may be used as often and as long as desired without losing effectiveness. With good care, long periods of use may be possible without any problem. When not in use they may be stored in the container provided. Regular rinsing with tap water and light detergent such as washing up liquid is advised.




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