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NoseWings is a world first, patented, magnetic nasal dilator created by Dr Robert André, an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist)





Reasons why we snore

Weight gain

 Alcohol consumption

 Nasal congestion

 Sleep deprivation

 Sleep disorder

 Sleeping position – specifically back-sleeping

 A deviated or crooked nasal septum

 A low and thick soft palate or elongated uvula


Snoring is a common condition categorised as noisy breathing during sleep. Snoring can be caused by a number of things, including the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, allergies or illness, alcohol consumption, and your weight.

It is estimated that 90% of people will snore at some stage throughout their life, with middle-aged males being the most common sufferers. Snoring usually becomes more serious as people age and can cause restlessness and irritability for both the snorer and partner and/or family members of the snorer.

Studies have shown that having the right amount of restful sleep is as important to our health as exercise and eating well. Not only does sleep affect our physical health, but it also plays a large role in our mental and emotional health.

There are many treatments


There are many treatments for snoring from lifestyle changes to medical devices and procedures. The good news is that NoseWings is a non-intrusive solution for restless nights caused by snoring. NoseWings is a world first, patented, magnetic nasal dilator created by Dr Robert André, an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist). Unlike other nasal dilators, NoseWings has been designed to anatomically mimic the size, shape and orientation of the nasal alar cartilage. NoseWings uses the repellent force of magnets to physically open the nasal passage, thereby increasing nasal airflow.

Using NoseWings promotes nose-breathing, thus reducing the intensity of snoring and encouraging deeper restful sleep.



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Effective, Comfortable and Durable

How do NoseWings work?

NoseWings work by using the repellent force of strong permanent magnets to widen the nasal airways, thereby making nasal breathing more natural.

Are NoseWings effective?

Yes! NoseWings have proven their effectiveness during extensive clinical testing.

Do NoseWings prevent snoring?

Many factors can cause or contribute to snoring, and a blocked nose is frequently one of them. When this is the case, NoseWings can often reduce or eliminate snoring.

Can NoseWings be used while exercising?

Yes. NoseWings increases nasal breathing which drives oxygen more efficiently into the lower lobes of the lungs compared to mouth breathing. The lower lobes of the lungs have the ability to perfuse more CO2 out of the body more efficiently than the upper lobes, which in turn shortens recovery times and increase endurance.

Do Nosewings fit on every nose?

Extensive clinical testing and remodelling have led to the final design that fits almost every adult nose.

Are NoseWings comfortable?

Yes! While they might take a little getting used to, after a short time you will barely notice that you are wearing them anymore.

Are NoseWings reusable?

Yes! With proper care, they can be used indefinitely. The repellent magnetic force of the magnets is permanent, and the metal frames and polymer coating are incredibly durable.




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