Anti-Snoring Devices

Read on to discover how you can experience much better sleep quality by using the aids designed by Dr Robert André to widen nasal passages, increase air flow, and curb snoring. Our adjustable, durable anti-snoring devices are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and provide an effective non-surgical option for collapsing nostrils, deviated or crooked nasal septum, allergies resulting in nasal congestion, or the structure of the mouth and sinuses.

We Recognised the Need for Efficacious Anti-Snoring Nasal Devices

Dr André is an ear, nose, throat, and facial plastic surgeon with a PhD in nasal valve surgery. He found that some patients benefit from using existing devices while others discontinue usage due to erratic effectiveness and various disadvantages.

Single-use nasal strips result in increased nasal airflow but may cause skin irritation or become detached too soon. Continued use of this option can be costly. Reusable internal nasal expanders frequently encompass shapes and sizes that do not fit different noses. They may fall out, cause discomfort, and be only partially effective.

The above concerns related to existing devices started the NoseWings development process. We aimed to create a nasal dilator that worked well while circumventing prevalent shortcomings. Doing so required eight years of adjustments and prototype alterations.

Our Innovative Device to Stop Snoring Is a Worldwide First

The lengthy design and modifying procedure finally resulted in our anti-snoring nose clip, an entirely new type of nasal dilator involving powerful, permanent magnets that provide a repellent force. We modelled our nasal snoring aids anatomically to mimic the shape, size, and orientation of the nasal alar cartilages to open the nasal passages and increase airflow effectively.

Our product promotes nose breathing and decreases snoring intensity to support a deeper, more restful sleep. NoseWings anti-snoring devices may help you prevent interrupted breathing, an irregular heartbeat, gastroesophageal reflux disease, or a stroke resulting from snoring.