About Us


Dr Robert André

Robert is an Ear, Nose and Throat specialising in functional and aesthetic nasal surgery at his private Clinic in Amsterdam.  He studied medicine and completed his specialist ENT training at Leiden University in the Netherlands and won the national prize for best temporal bone dissection. He holds a PhD in in nasal valve surgery with the aim to improve nasal breathing.   

He divides his practice between Alrijne general hospital in Leiden and his private practice in Amsterdam where the majority of his time is devoted to functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty. 

He is considered an expert in the field of nasal airways and frequently performs nasal surgery on patients who suffer from snoring. He found that the non-surgical solutions to snoring were inadequate and therefore decided to develop a superior alternative to the existing nasal dilators in terms of efficacy, comfort and durability with the vision to help people breathe better, sleep better and ultimately live better.   Nosewings is the first patented magnetic nasal dilator in the world that uses revolutionary magnetic technology to increase nasal airflow, and thereby reduce snoring. 

In his free time he loves travelling with his wife and three children. His hobbies include kite surfing and free style skiing in which he became Dutch champion in 2017.


Philippe André

Philippe has a passion for entrepreneurship and studied Business Economics with a minor in International Affairs at Vesalius College in Brussels followed by an MBA from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. 

He was recruited by a Belgium company to work in Atlanta as their Business Developer for North America. After a couple of years he decided to quit his corporate job and travel the world instead. His travels brought him to Australia in 1999 where he has been involved with starting up several businesses. His most recent business venture was a skydiving company which combined three of his passions in life: skydiving, flying and business development. 

He is currently is completing an MBA in entrepreneurship at UTS Business School while also working on bringing NoseWings to Australia. As part of the start up community at UTS NoseWings was the winner of  the Startup Award for Best Application of Research.

In his free time he loves to ride his motorbike, fly planes, skydive and travel the world with his girlfriend.