What are NoseWings?

The good news is that NoseWings is the solution for you and your partner's restless nights. 

The inventor of NoseWings, Dr Robert Andre, an ENT surgeon from the Netherlands, personally suffers from nasal congestion and had nasal corrective surgery performed by a colleague which partially solved the problem.  

In his practice he found that while nasal surgery can often improve complaints of a blocked nose or snoring, in some patients non-surgical solutions may be sufficient or even preferable. He personally tried many different nasal dilators to help with his restless nights as he had to breath through his mouth which caused dry mouth.  While some products worked, they all had issues and were not quite right. One solution are adhesive nasal strips which can cause allergic reactions for some patients and are quite expensive when used each night.  

Robert decided to developed an entirely new kind of magnetic nasal dilator using the repellent force of magnets to open up the nasal passage and to help others to Breathe Better, Sleep Better and Live Better

NoseWings are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands using the highest grade medical materials.  NoseWings is TGA approved and is currently been launched in Australia by it cofounder Philippe. 

Instructional Video

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The world's first patented magnetic nasal dilator